• Brooklyn, New York
    • Williamsburg
      • Great Synagogue and Beth Medrash, located at 654 Bedford Avenue, including a Mikveh, Cheder sheini, and 3 Shtiebels. Also housing the Pupa Kollel, a Beth din room and Simcha hall, and Rebbe’s house.
      • Pupa Head Start at 638 Bedford Ave.
      • Cheder, Talmud Torah, two wedding halls on Wilson street
      • Girls school, grades PK, K-12 Bnos Yakov of Pupa (Hebrew girls’ school) – originally Temple Beth Elohim – 274 Keap Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Stained glass has been replaced by mirror glass.
      • Bnos Yaakov Educational Center School in Brooklyn, NY (1–8 • Private • Regular School), 62 Harrison Ave.
      • Pupa-Tzehlim Matzah bakery, located at 346–348 Broadway, is a hand-matzoh bakery. It has made a name for itselves by selling extra-thin Matzot.
      • Banquet hall/event hall named Pupa hall on Penn street

    • Borough Park
      • Synagogue, including a Mikveh and Cheder sheini. It also houses the Chateau Manor / Pupa Hall.
      • Cheder, Talmud Torah
      • Girls school, grades PK, K-12
    • Red Hook
      • Yeshiva Ketana
  • Ramapo, New York
    About 10 years ago, the Pupa Rebbe Shlita crowned his son, Rabbi Pinchas Chaim Grinwald, as the Rabbi in the Monsey and Spring Valley community.

    • Monsey
      • Brand new Shul on Suzane Drive, daily Minyunim for Shacharis, including Mikveh and Kollel.
    • Spring Valley
      • Cheder Tzoin Yosef and Yeshiva Ketana Vaychi Yosef.
      • Widman Court Shabbos Minyan, A branch of the Pupa Kehilla main Minyan on Suzanne Drive. The Pupa Monsey Widman Court Shabbos Minyan meets every Shabbath and Yom Tov for all services. Light Kiddush almost every Shabbath after morning services.
      • Bnos Esther Pupa Girls school, a private, all-girls, Jewish school located in Monsey, NY. It has 358 students in grades PK, K-12, with a student-teacher ratio of 19 to 1.
      • Banquet hall/Event hall on Widman Ct
  • Swan Lake, New York
    • Pupa Boys Camp
    • Bnos Yaakov Pupa Girls Camp
    • Camp Avreichim

  • Pápa, Hungary
    • Great Beth HaMedrash, located on Petofi Sandor Street 19, including Mikveh
    • Cemetery, located on Veszprémi Utca 27

Kiryas Pupa

Kiryas Pupa is a village in Ossining, Westchester County, New York, which includes the Kehilath Yakov Rabbinical Seminary, a 4-year educational institution, and a cemetery. It is just off the Taconic State Parkway exit for Rt 134 Ossining.

Kehilath Yakov Rabbinical Seminary

Kiryas Pupa was established by the late Pupa Rebbe in the last years of his life. There, he “toiled to seat his yeshiva outside the bustling city”. When established, the Pupa mosdos (facilities) expanded rapidly, with the community “building at least one new facility every year, and outgrow[ing] the new facility before its completion”.

More than 800 students are now enrolled in the graduate yeshiva Gedolah, located on a pastoral 140-acre campus. This institution, the Kehilath Yakov Rabbinical Seminary in Ossining, New York, is a yeshiva geared towards producing students who share an equal passion for the history and ethics of Judaism, as well as scholarship, and learning itself.

The academics available at the yeshiva include a bachelor’s degree in Jewish and Talmudic Literature and Culture Studies. The program features close reading and analysis of many Jewish texts, including the Talmud, Halacha, and Chassidus.

“College life” at the yeshiva is intended to instill traditional Jewish values and moral codes into one’s everyday life, so that the student is prepared for a life of leadership and stewardship, whether intending to become a rabbi – see semicha – or simply viewing yeshiva as opportunity to study.

The yeshiva maintains an open admissions policy, welcoming students from a variety of educational backgrounds.

Kiryas Pupa Cemetery

In addition to the kehillah’s older cemetery in Floral Park, New Jersey, a newer cemetery is located adjacent to the yeshiva in Westchester. The late Pupa Rebbe reposes there in Kiryas Pupa.

Notable people that repose in the cemetery:

  • Rebbe Yosef Greenwald, יוסף ב”ר יעקב יחזקיהו, Pupa Rebbe. Date of Death: Sat., August 11, 1984 – Av 13 5744
  • Rabbi Shimon Chaim Lowenstein, שמעון חיים בן דוד הכהן, Rav, Pupa, Hungary. Date of Death: Tue., January 30, 1996 – Shevat 9 5756
  • Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchok Neimann – Neumann, יעקב יצחק ב”ר יוסף, Rav, Belzer Kehila, Montreal, Canada. Date of Death: Fri., January 26, 2007 – Shevat 7 5767. Prior to his arrival in Montreal, the Rav served in Pupa, Hungary, and Melbourne, Australia. He was referred by many as the Pupa Rav of Montreal. He died without children.