Pupa Cemetery

Pupa Rebbe at the gravesite of his father

The cemetery is located on the grounds of The Kehilath Yakov Rabbinical School, a 4 year educational institution.

It is just off the Taconic State Parkway exit for Rt 134 Ossining.

The plot listings are in two sections. The rows 1-9 and then the Eastern section near the Mausoleum.

Puppa is the name of a Hasidic dynasty within Judaism. The dynasty is named after the town of its origin (according to the Yiddish name), also known in Hungarian as Pápa. Before World War II, Puppa had an important yeshiva which produced many well-known Orthodox rabbis in Hungary. The whole community was deported to Auschwitz and only a very few individuals came back. Currently there are no Jews in Puppa.

Many of the headstones include the memorials of names of family members who were murdered by the Nazis in May through July 1944.

The group is based in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York, with branches in Boro Park section of Brooklyn, Ossining, New York, London, and Israel. It is headed by the Pupa Rebbe who has several thousand followers. In their Williamsburg location in Brooklyn.

“KYRS educational program was set to educate its students in Talmud,Halacha and Chassidus in a classroom setting. The studies absorbed during his college years,will guide him throughout his future life. A KYRS graduate will enhance society with his valued education by fitting in with various vocations and community services, as well as prepare people for further study.The end goal of education is a life-long love of learning and scholarship.”

Look for sign on the left side of Illington Road as you travel from Rt 134 “Y.K.Y. Pupa”.
After entering the grounds of the yeshiva, travel up the hill to the highest point of the grounds.

Saturday cars are not permitted on the grounds, and must be left outside the locked gate.(Respect the Sabbath)

The manager Meyer Tauber has offered to assist FindaGrave Volunteers
All the graves are marked in Hebrew so you will need a translator to assist in reading the headstones.

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